Dr. Julia Kinder Brands, Products, and Services:

National Speaker and Speaking Services

Dr. Julia Kinder is a National Speaker providing Speaking Services on a range of topics: health & wellness, fitness, physician career change, early childhood education, Down syndrome, plus several more motivational topics.                

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Physician Career Change Opportunities Coach

Dr. Julia Kinder, Physician Career Coach & Career Consultant, provides physician career change coaching and consulting services for the development of non-clinical careers for doctors, or modified clinical careers for physicians.

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Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Products / Services

As a certified fitness instructor, health expert, and fitness guru out of personal necessity, Dr. Julia Kinder is the sole creator of Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Products. Exercise products for busy parents along with several unique fitness services.

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ENK® Childhood Education & The UPside of Down™

As a Down syndrome expert, Dr. Kinder has spoken at numerous conferences, hospitals, universities, medical schools & events. She is also the creator of ENK® Early Childhood Education Products & The UPside of Down Syndrome Awareness campaign.

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How it all began: Dr. Julia Kinder's Story

Dr. Julia Kinder's ENK® Early Childhood Education system and productsNine years ago, Dr. Julia Kinder gave birth to her first child, Ella. When Ella was born, she was diagnosed with Down syndrome. And Dr. Kinder's life has never been the same!

Dr. Kinder's passion for her daughter; her desire that Ella would excel and have a successful future, drove her to create the ENK® Early Childhood Education system. Dr. Kinder created this early childhood education system to provide Ella with the best possible chance to meet or exceed developmental guidelines, to maximize her talents, and to progress on schedule in her education.

The end result of Dr. Kinder's years of effort was a system that taught her daughter to read over 150 words by two and a half years old, years before many children her age are able. Of course each child is unique, but Dr. Kinder's system has worked well for both children with special needs and children without special needs.

Dr. Julia Kinder's Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Program and Exercise ProductsDr. Kinder's passion and tenacity also led her to develop an Exercise & Fitness Program that allows busy parents to stay fit and healthy without needing to add extra time to their day to go to the gym. The Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Program and Exercise Products have been used by patients and clients of Dr. Kinder, as well as herself, over the past 10 years.

Starting in 2005, Dr. Kinder began her career as a National Speaker in order to share her passion and knowledge with larger groups of people. The topics of her presentations have focused on four areas of expertise: Early Childhood Education, Down syndrome, Physician Career Transition, and Health / Wellness and Fitness. As Dr. Kinder's expertise in these areas expanded and matured, she began developing products and services to offer clients additional ways to benefit from her knowledge. She began offering these products for sale online in 2010.

Since 2011, Dr. Julia Kinder has included Physician Career Transition Consulting & Coaching to her list of services offered. This consulting service is specifically to assist doctors in creating alternative careers. Whether physicians are seeking non-medical jobs in non-clinical careers, or desiring to modify their current clinical careers to be more what they desire, Dr. Kinder's consulting and coaching have provided many physicians the direction necessary to make the switch to a new and more rewarding career with less stress and increased satisfaction.

Dr. Kinder also provides one-on-one consulting services to individuals relating to her areas of expertise: Early Childhood Education, Down syndrome, Physician Career Transitioning, and Health / Wellness and Fitness.

To read more about Dr. Kinder's story, please visit our "About" page.

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Dr. Julia Kinder: Physician, Speaker, Consultant, Entrepreneur

Sharing practical advice and providing clear direction

Dr. Julia Kinder strives to provide practical, actionable advice that her audience can utilize immediately. Her speaking and consulting services provide clear direction, helping each person to navigate their own individual circumstances and arrive at their desired destination. Whether career coaching or fitness presentations, Down syndrome consulting or an early childhood education lecture, Dr. Kinder's passion shines through and motivates her audience.

Juggling a busy career while caring for three children, two of which have special needs, and making time for her husband, Dr. Julia "Mom/Wife" Kinder understands the demands of modern life. She teaches her patients and clients to take the time needed to care for themselves, to stay healthy both mentally and physically while pursuing their dreams. Dr. Kinder has "been there, done that" and knows how to coach an audience or an individual to avoid the pitfalls and missteps that so many make, while providing clear direction that gets results.

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ENK® Early Childhood Education Products have Proven Success!

Dr. Julia Kinder developed the ENK® Early Childhood Education products for her own daughter. Ella was able to read over 150 words by age two and a half years old. Even more amazing to most parents is that Dr. Kinder's daughter, Ella, was born with Down syndrome. Ella is now nine years old and is completing her elementary education at her own age level with all the other students.

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Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Program & Exercise Products for Busy Parents

Dr. Julia Kinder created the Exercise Right Now™ fitness program and exercise products to meet her own needs. Due to her crazy and demanding schedule with kids, appointments, and the demands of a full-time career, Dr. Kinder devised a system that allowed her to exercise throughout her normal day.

This fitness program allowed Dr. Kinder to stay fit without the need to go to the gym for an hour every morning. However, this system also encompasses more than just exercise. Dr. Kinder took her personally-crafted system and created several fitness and exercise products from her innovative "Right Now™"concept.

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