Dr. Julia Kinder and her Team

Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder

Owner & President, DexPax, LLC and JuliaKinder.com

The central figure at JuliaKinder.com is of course, Dr. Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO. As her brand's sole proprietor, Dr. Kinder is responsible for products & services development, services rendered, and setting the direction that her multiple companies are heading.

Dr. Kinder is a part-time practicing Physician (licensed to practice in both Texas and Missouri), Entrepreneur (starting and maintaining multiple product lines and services), accomplished national Speaker, best-selling Author, and expert Consultant (providing coaching and consulting for: physician career transition, Down syndrome, and health/wellness & fitness).

Dr. Julia Kinder's penetrating and oft spoken question for all her customers and clients is this,
"Are you living the life you want, Right Now?™"

Colin Chase

Innovative Marketing Consultant for JuliaKinder.com et al

Colin Chase has enjoyed an 18-year career in computer technology and marketing, focusing on interactive and innovative marketing in the online space. Colin Chase has received multiple international marketing awards and accolades, and has represented dozens of successful companies. Chase has been interviewed for his knowledge within his disciplines, and he has spoken at a number of conferences including IRCE in 2012.

Colin Chase's marketing project management acumen combined with Dr. Julia Kinder's knowledge and understanding of her own market, have brought about a unique and yet straightforward marketing plan. The current strategy mixes both modern online marketing techniques with conservative traditional marketing tactics to communicate the right message to the appropriate audience in a targeted manner.

Susan Stroder

Professional Résumé / CV Copywriter for JuliaKinder.com

Susan Stroder works within the medical industry and has developed the unique skill set of enhancing Physicians' résumés and CV's. "Creative Professional Resume & CV Service by Susan" helps physicians transition to new endeavors and new careers by creating the perfectly tailored résumé that gets noticed.

Physicians seeking to explore alternative careers or modified careers need a CV that speaks the right language for the purpose at hand. As Susan says, CPR for your professional resume and CV development.


Carrie Perez

Professional Photographer for JuliaKinder.com

Carrie Perez began her professional career in photography in 2005 after graduating from the New York Institute of Photography. With 9 years as a Professional Photographer, Carrie has developed a reputation for capturing the right moment and creating the perfect portrait. Whether for a family, a special event, or a professional career head shot, Carrie's expertise reaches out from the camera and captures the perfect picture.

Carrie conducts all of Dr. Kinder's personal and professional photography needs. As a part of Dr. Kinder's Team, Carrie Perez provides the perfect head shots for the professionals that Dr. Kinder consults with. You can learn more and see more on the Photography by Carrie Perez website.