Testimonials for Dr. Julia Kinder


James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Vice President, SEAK, Inc.Listed here are Testimonials in regard to Dr. Julia Kinder's Speaking Expertise.

  • "Dr. Kinder's lectures are energizing and inspiring, providing practical advice on how physicians can immediately begin to transition to a new and rewarding career. She is so sincere in her desire to help other doctors achieve a rewarding career, and her knowledge regarding how to start a business as well as how to modify a current career or transition to a non-clinical career is extensive."

    - James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Vice President, SEAK, Inc.

  • "I really enjoyed your presentation on Down syndrome. It has changed my practice. I especially remember how you demonstrated the correct way to hold an infant who has Down syndrome. I incorrectly held these babies on my hip until you showed us the proper way to protect their joints. I have referred several parents to you so they can benefit from your knowledge and experience."

    - Joyce Clark, RNC, BSN

  • Michael Hopson, MA, Webinar Coordinator, SEAK, Inc."We were very fortunate to have had Dr. Kinder present and share with our audience her inspiring story, practical information, and true honesty about the challenges and steps for physicians to transition from Clinical to Non-Clinical Careers.

    As the webinar organizer I found Dr. Kinder very pleasant and professional to work with; she promptly replied to emails and calls and presented required documents and the PowerPoint handouts in a timely fashion. As a participant, I was impressed by the amount of information (worksheets & assignments) she was willing to share with our audience during her webinar broadcast. I was also very impressed by the way she was able to tailor her lecture to our diverse audience, which is made up of all types of physicians, medical educators, and residents. She truly has a gift to communicate and the ability to simplify such a complex topic into an understandable and obtainable goal.

    Our event was a success; the audience learned the exact steps to immediately begin the process of finding an exciting and rewarding career."

    - Michael Hopson, MA

  • Cyd Campbell, MD; Medical Director, Physician Reviewer"After 15 years of clinical practice and 10 years as CMO of a health plan, I realized that I wanted to do something "new" and exciting in my career. I craved more passion and a renewed sense of fulfillment in my work but had no idea what type of work would satisfy these longings or how to chart a course of discovery. I also wondered if change and excitement were realistic goals for me as a physician in mid-late career.

    In October 2013, I made a last minute decision to attend the Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians course, in hopes of gaining "concrete" job ideas and to meet recruiters. While I did meet recruiters and learned a lot about non-clinical careers, the most useful and memorable aspect of the weekend course for me was the dynamic and inspiring opening session by Dr. Julia Kinder.

    From the moment Dr. Kinder entered the room, it was clear that she was a talented teacher with a unique and engaging presentation style! With humor and compassion, she quickly established personal and professional connections with the audience. Using great examples, many from her own life, Dr. Kinder was able to vividly convey that physicians have countless opportunities in our daily lives to connect with others, express our talents, be creative, fulfill our passions, do meaningful work and create income! Her keen insights into the physician "mindset" and wonderful sense of humor were powerful tools that engaged, challenged and encouraged each of us to expand our perspectives on career possibilities and to commit to finding passion, fulfillment and life balance.

    By the end of the presentation, Dr. Kinder had led the audience through a series of activities that were fun and effective in getting us to begin developing an action plan for career transition. One of the most useful activities was learning to network, which I, and most physicians, find very difficult to do. It was clear that she had performed the exercises and had applied the lessons in her own life to create an enjoyable career, and that she was genuinely happy to share the pearls of her experiences. I was inspired by Dr. Kinder to commit to using the tools to discover what would be fulfilling for me at this time in my life and to avoid the temptation of "settling" or accepting less than desirable circumstances.

    I am grateful that I attended the conference and the opening session! The inspiration that I gained from Dr. Kinder’s presentation motivated me to fully engage in the conference, to meet new people (network!), to learn as much as possible from the speakers and mentors and to adopt a more positive attitude as I moved toward my dream career."

    - Cyd Campbell, MD; Medical Director, Physician Reviewer


Linda Orso, Executive Director at Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. LouisListed here are Testimonials in regard to Dr. Julia Kinder's Consulting and Coaching Expertise.

  • "Dr. Kinder is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Down syndrome! She is a wonderful advocate, excellent consultant and an excellent support for new parents of children with Down syndrome. I relied heavily on her to support and educate families. Her advice concerning good nutrition and wellness is well founded. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Dr. Kinder. Her energy, generosity, and caring makes her an exceptional consultant, speaker, coach and support for so many families."

    - Linda Orso, Executive Director at Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis

  • "Dr. Kinder is very encouraging and has extremely practical advice. She is upbeat and energetic, and by her example, I feel as though I, too, can change my career direction. One of her suggestions helped me make sense of all the competing ideas in my head so that I could move forward, instead of hand-wringing. In just the first few minutes we talked, we brainstormed a few ideas I had not thought of before in my many years of dreaming of a career change."

    - Jeffery Adkins, MD

  • "I am a young Pediatrician who has already become burned out for a number of reasons. After working with [Dr. Julia Kinder], I was very excited about the many opportunities out there. Julia helped me discover possibilities I never would have thought of. She helped make sense of my many interests, linking them together in commonality. I really loved all her ideas on how I could get started on a path to a new career with just a few minutes each day. And very importantly, Julia is inspiring with her many interests and energy to complete them all"

    - Stacey England, DO

Dr. Julia Kinder Health / Wellness & FITNESS EXPERT

Listed here are Testimonials in regard to Dr. Julia Kinder's Health / Wellness & Fitness Expertise.

  • Sharon Frederking, Administrator, Washington County Health Dept."I was a lead member of our local Ladies Night Out health event planning committee. We have been fortunate to celebrate this event for the past 18 years. This year we selected Dr. Julia Kinder as our guest speaker. Through numerous e-mails and phone contacts, we made plans for the program and her presentation. She responded quickly and was extremely easy to work with.

    Her presentation was interactive and energetic. We had 85 ladies in attendance and evaluations were all extremely positive stating her information about working exercise into your normal activities was their most favorite part of the program. Many participants also spoke with Dr. Kinder individually after the program. It was definitely a beneficial and successful evening!"

    - Sharon Frederking, Administrator, Washington County Health Department

  • "Dr. Kinder's presentation on how to exercise, Right Now™ changed my life! She was very motivating and gave practical advice that I started using even before the lecture was over. I will never again sit at my desk without thinking of an exercise that I could be doing while I work. Thank you Julia!"

    - Lynne Chambers-Ketchens, Executive Director/Co-Founder Legacy Training and Development Corporation

  • "The Exercise Right Now exercises are so easy and can be incorporated while doing housework, talking on the phone or just waiting in line at the grocery store. There is such a variety, and the exercises make you feel more energetic even though they are so simple to do."

    - Janet, a happy customer

  • "I have had the opportunity to try the Exercise Right Now Fitness Flash Cards and really like them. I can actually do a work-out when waiting for the sink to fill to wash the dishes!"

    - Mary G, a happy customer


Lanie & AnnabelleListed here are Testimonials in regard to Dr. Julia Kinder's Down syndrome Expertise.

  • "I have been working with Dr. Kinder for one month now, and I love having a partner in this new journey. We found out about our daughter and her extra special chromosome during our 19th week of pregnancy. Although I spent a significant amount of time reading and doing research on my own during the remainder of my pregnancy, it was not enough for me. I was looking for something more. Someone who I could talk to. Someone who had been there, done that. Someone who was an expert on Down syndrome. Someone who I trusted and enjoyed working with. Dr. Kinder has far exceeded all of my expectations. She is exactly what I was looking for to help maximize Annabelle’s potential."

    - Lanie, mom to Annabelle

  • "As the grantee for Missouri First Steps Early Intervention Program, Dr. Kinder is our resource for correct and current information regarding Down syndrome. She is very knowledgeable on children’s medical issues and shares information in a manner that everyone can easily understand. Dr. Kinder is an invaluable resource."

    - Nancy Hale, Education Solutions Consulting


Dr. Julie A. Ray, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Southeast Missouri State UniversityListed here are Testimonials in regard to Dr. Julia Kinder's Early Childhood Education Expertise.

  • "I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Dr. Pewitt-Kinder on writing for both a journal article and a textbook. Her knowledge about Down Syndrome and the world of early childhood special education is exceptional, and she is able to write in both a scholarly and reader-friendly manner. Her attention to detail, word choice, and personal stories ensure a high quality written document that will captivate the reader."

    - Dr. Julie A. Ray, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Southeast Missouri State University