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Dr. Julia Kinder Accomplished National SPEAKER

Dr. Julia Kinder mentoring with a physician at SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference 2012 & Dr. Julia Kinder speaking about Down syndrome in 2010Since 2005, Dr. Julia Kinder has spoken to crowds across the US with presentations spanning several areas of her expertise: Early Childhood Education, Down Syndrome, Health/Wellness & Fitness, Corporate & Employee Wellness, and Physician Career Transition. For a high-energy, interactive, motivational presentation or workshop packed with practical tips your participants can implement immediately and easily, please contact Dr. Kinder Right Now! Your event will surpass expectations!

Dr. Julia Kinder provides speaking services, presentations, and interactive workshops surrounding the following four categories: (please click one)


Dr. Julia Kinder Expert CONSULTANT & COACH

Dr. Julia Kinder speaking with a patientAs a physician, Dr. Julia Kinder is accustomed to working one on one with individuals regarding health issues, lifestyle choices, and life-changing events. She effectively listens and communicates to encourage and motivate her clients to enact immediate positive changes in their lives. Compassionate, genuine, and honest, Dr. Kinder works hard to assist her clients in achieving their goals and creating the life they want. Dr. Kinder considers each client as a personal friend, on your side when you need guidance.

Dr. Kinder looks at the whole picture of your life, identifying problems and creating solutions. This began with helping the parents of newborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, providing the parents with practical and crucial information on ensuring their child's success while maintaining family normalcy. Her consulting and coaching has since expanded over the past 7 years to include two other areas - Physician Career Change and Health/Wellness & Fitness.

This Website is a "portal" for visitors to learn more about the several Services (and products) offered by Dr. Julia Kinder. Listed below are three areas of Dr. Kinder's expertise in which she provides coaching and consulting services: (please click one)

Physician Career Consulting / Coaching, Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Julia Kinder provides Physician Career Consulting and Career CoachingDr. Julia Kinder provides career coaching and career consulting to physicians seeking to explore alternative careers for doctors. Having successfully started and maintained multiple businesses over the past seven years, Dr. Julia Kinder has also chosen to remain in part-time practice. She shares her unique experiences and extensive knowledge on achieving non-medical careers with her clients.

Dr. Kinder's businesses as a Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Entrepreneur have spanned: health/wellness and fitness products and services, early childhood education products, Down syndrome-related products and services, and physician career coaching & career consulting. Her business knowledge and acumen is sought for national conferences and workshops.

Dr. Julia Kinder knows the process of finding an alternative career for a physician and understands the current issues physicians face in their practice. She has created her own successful non-clinical career and maintains her board-certification and a part-time medical practice.

Dr. Julia Kinder is uniquely skilled in helping doctors find non-medical jobs or assisting them with modifying their current clinical career. To learn more at no cost or obligation, please contact Dr. Julia Kinder Right Now! Please introduce yourself and request more information from Dr. Kinder.

Dr. Kinder also provides presentations and workshops on Physician Career Transition. She was honored to be selected as the Keynote Speaker for the SEAK Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference in Chicago in October of 2013. She also gave a successful workshop teaching physicians how to network, which is often the number one way to finding a new career. For more information, please contact Dr. Kinder.

"I am a young Pediatrician who has already become burned out for a number of reasons. After working with [Dr. Julia Kinder], I was very excited about the many opportunities out there. Julia helped me discover possibilities I never would have thought of. She helped make sense of my many interests, linking them together in commonality. I really loved all her ideas on how I could get started on a path to a new career with just a few minutes each day. And very importantly, Julia is inspiring with her many interests and energy to complete them all."

- Stacey England, DO

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Down Syndrome Consulting, Presentations, and Workshops

Dr. Julia Kinder provides Down Syndrome Consulting and Down Syndrome Speaking & PresentationsDr. Julia Kinder is the parent of a child with Down sydrome, which led her to becoming a Down syndrome expert as she researched how best to care for her child. Her medical background proved incredibly useful to this research, as she was able to discover several techniques and practical steps that any parent could utilize - if the right information and corresponding products were available to them. This was the start of Dr. Kinder's mission.

Dr. Kinder provides a number of ways for the parents of children with Down syndrome to gain valuable insights as well as Celebrate the UPside of Down syndrome! Her Blog is read by hundreds of parents of children who have Down syndrome, and her expertise on the intellectual development of babies born with Down syndrome is sought across the world. In support of Down syndrome, Dr. Kinder provides her Blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a free Smartphone App (for iPhone and Android), and an online store filled with useful and celebratory products and services for babies and children with Down syndrome.

Dr. Kinder's goal is to assist other parents of children with Down syndrome, who are eager to maximize their child's developmental potential. She does this by providing consulting and unique products designed for children with Down syndrome. She also offers families and their friends fun, practical, and useful ways to promote Down Syndrome Awareness. When myths are dispelled, barriers are removed from children with Down syndrome, giving them every possible opportunity.

Dr. Kinder began consulting and coaching new parents of babies born with Down syndrome in her native state of Missouri. She now has clients worldwide. She assists new parents with one-on-one consulting, providing access to herself through emails and phone calls as well as visits when location is not an issue.

Dr. Julia Kinder has also spoken at numerous events and conferences regarding Down syndrome. For more information on utilizing Dr. Kinder to present to your group or organization regarding Down syndrome, please contact Dr. Kinder Right Now!

"I have been working with Dr. Kinder for one month now, and I love having a partner in this new journey. We found out about our daughter and her extra special chromosome during our 19th week of pregnancy. Although I spent a significant amount of time reading and doing research on my own during the remainder of my pregnancy, it was not enough for me. I was looking for something more. Someone who I could talk to. Someone who had "been there, done that." Someone who was an expert on Down syndrome. Someone who I trusted and enjoyed working with. Dr. Kinder has far exceeded all of my expectations. She is exactly what I was looking for to help maximize Annabelle’s potential."

- Lanie, mom to Annabelle

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Early Childhood Education Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Julia Kinder provides Down Syndrome Consulting and Down Syndrome Speaking & PresentationsDr. Julia Kinder developed the ENK® Early Childhood Education Products for her own daughter. Ella was able to read over 150 words by two and a half years old and has excelled in her elementary education, even though she was diagnosed with Down syndrome upon birth.

Dr. Kinder spent years researching Early Childhood Education, and years creating products by hand for Ella before developing the ENK® Early Childhood Education products for the consumer market. Dr. Kinder stresses that new parents need to begin Early Childhood Education as soon as possible, as 95% of a child's brain develops between birth and age 5 - before a child starts school!

Dr Julia Kinder provides presentations and workshops on Early Childhood Education and how to aid the intellectual development of babies & children by starting early, soon after birth. Dr. Kinder provides the audience with practical and useful information that can be easily implemented. Audiences include teachers, therapists, parents, and medical professionals. For more information regarding Dr. Julia Kinder speaking about Early Childhood Education to your group, school, or organization, please contact Dr. Julia Kinder today.

"I have been so happy since ordering this item. What a great way to teach my little guy in the middle of feeding him! Such an innovative product for teaching babies and toddlers. Please keep creating more products like this one!"

- Mary, mom to 11-month-old Sean

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Health / Wellness & Fitness Consulting, Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Julia Kinder provides Health/Wellness & Fitness Consulting and Health/Wellness & Fitness Speaking and PresentationsDr. Julia Kinder created the Exercise Right Now™ fitness program and exercise products initially to meet her own personal needs. Due to her unpredictable and busy schedule with three children (two with special needs) and the demands of a full-time career, Dr. Kinder struggled to add exercise to her day as she was either too tired or couldn't find the extra time. With her medical background and training as a fitness instructor, she devised a fitness system that was easy and didn't require hours at the gym.

This fitness system is effective for persons of any fitness level, and gives long-lasting results including weight loss and increased energy levels. Exercise Right Now™ is a whole-health approach, encompassing more than just exercise. Busy parents save time and money learning practical tips on eating healthy, cooking, and grocery shopping. This is no fad diet or exercise program, but proven and safe information on improving your health. Check out Dr. Kinder's Exercise Right Now™ Fitness System and Exercise Products here.

Dr. Kinder loves sharing her practical and easy tips on getting healthy with high-energy presentations and workshops. Community groups, seminar participants, organizations, workplaces, and corporations will receive immediate health benefits during Dr. Kinder's lectures which are tailored to the specific group. For more information regarding Dr. Kinder speaking to your group, company, or organization about Health / Wellness & Fitness, please contact Dr. Kinder Right Now!

Dr. Kinder also provides various Personal Services as part of Exercise Right Now™, including: Dietary Analysis and Fitness Consulting (Fitness Coaching).

"Dr. Kinder's presentation on how to exercise, Right Now™ changed my life! She was very motivating and gave practical advice that I started using even before the lecture was over. I will never again sit at my desk without thinking of an exercise that I could be doing while I work. Thank you Julia!"

- Lynne Chambers-Ketchens, Executive Director/Co-Founder Legacy Training and Development Corporation

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